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Creative Work

Explanations about the training of a consulting teacher

Communication skills
Including basic principles of communication; consultancy -my work as a consulting teacher- separated from therapy practice; communication techniques; discussion moderation among various participants; conflict moderation

Personal tutoring & work with groups of students
Learning methods of organising processes of individual and group consulting; criteria of choosing the appropriate method; phases of the consulting process; application of diagnostic process; instructed implementation and documentation of an individual support and/or consulting conversation; execution and documentation of the CFT-test

Consulting Teaching regarding school classes and education issues

Information on drugs, violence prevention and legal issues
Approaches of prevention and intervention regarding addiction and violence

Special skills (Consulting for parents of highly gifted children)

The topics of my consulting work included among others:

Learning crises during the transition from elementary to high school
Concentration difficulties with family or school background and impact
Work with children having aggressive, regressive, depressive, introverted behaviour, with truants, outsiders........
Children having difficulties settling in a new school class environment
Symptomatics ADHS
Conflicts among children
Conflicts between children and teachers
Individual and group clarification support in crisis situations for the purpose of recognizing and implementing acceptable and construktive ways to change (consulting to encourage self-help in the sense of self clarification)
Prevention of addiction risks and problems relating to dependancies and violent reactions of youngsters


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