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Psychotherapy, Gestalt Therapy

• Individual therapy for children and young people in close cooperation with their parents dealing with conflicts, parents' devorce, aggression and anger, self-destructive behaviour, school reluctance, fears, learning blockage, depression, bed wetting (enuresis), soiling (encopresis), mourning, the loss of a loved one, arguments, illness or abuse...

Hyperactivity and Inattentiveness with ADHD children

Please read an short introduction and my paper on Gestalt-Psychotherapie for further informations.

Gestalt therapy for children means

Gestalt psychotherapy for children and young people

Gestalt therapy for young people means

Counselling and Therapy for children

• with perceptual disorders
• problems learning or concentrating
• who can’t sit still
• have difficulties in organizing their thoughts
• who are scared of anything and everything
• who react aggressively, hostiley, angrily or hyperactively
• who say nothing at all
• who wet their beds or have little accidents
• who have eating problems
• who have been confronted with death or grief
• who cling very closely to adults
The more we try to change someone – the more they remain to same.

The more we accept one’s behavior and help them understand themselves the more consciously they develop and change themselves.

Depending on the situation and age of the client I use conversation, role plays, creative media such as sounds, colors, masks, fairy tales, music, motion, dance, puppet show and theatre play.

After a first conversation with the children’s parents or the young people we will jointly decide whether counselling or a therapy will be appropriate.
Counselling and therapy for young people

• who have experienced tension in their school or family
• have low self – esteem and lack self – confidence
• who refuse to go to school
• who have had early experiences of social rejection or failure or have possibly suffered depression

• who react aggressively
• behave anti – socially
• have alcohol or drug problems
• show unsettled eating habits and gain or lose weight
• draw back and contemplate suicide

• who have been confronted with death and grief


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